Dress Code

All Messiah Lutheran School (MLS) students in PK-8th grade are required to wear a school uniform. Our uniform policy is designed to teach young people an "outward adornment" that reflects the inner beauty of our Lord Jesus Christ. It enhances the development of a "meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God a great price." Lands' End has been selected as the clothing outlet for obtaining uniform items.


Messiah Lutheran School


August 2023




(adj.) 1. Never changing or varying. 2. Identical with another or others.

(n.) An outfit that distinguishes the wearer as belonging to a particular group.


The Gospel calls the people of God to lead simple lives.  Messiah Lutheran School has its students wear uniforms for the following reasons:

  • Uniforms are an outward sign that the material wants of our society should not be a dominating concern.
  • Uniforms allow our students to lead simpler lives by not having to worry about what they will wear each day to school. The children can come to school each day and keep their minds on their studies rather than worrying about impressing their peers with what they are wearing.
  • Uniforms are a symbol that all children who attend this school are equal—no distinction between those who have money and those who do not.


Students must always be in uniform unless qualifications have been met for special out-of-uniform days

  • Students shall be well groomed.  Clothes should fit properly, and be neat and free from stains, tears, or excessive wrinkles.
  • Text Box: Logos must be completely covered by this rectangle.NO LOGOS are to appear on any part of the daily uniform shirts or pants, with the exception of the Messiah crest. Jackets and/ or sweaters worn in the classrooms must be a solid school uniform color (navy, white, red, black, gray) acceptable brand label logos must fit within the shown rectangle. Examples include Colombia, Nike, North Face, etc.
  • No cosmetics or tattoos are permitted at school. (7th/8th grade girls are permitted to wear light make-up.  It must be natural looking.)
  • Hair must be clean and neat, out of the eyes, and non-distracting.
  • No unnatural hair colors or outlandish styles are permitted.
  • Boys’ hair length must be above the collar.
  • Hair accessories:  Bows, headbands, and barrettes are permitted, but should match the colors in the Messiah uniform (navy, red, white, gray, khaki.)  The size, material, and message conveyed should be appropriate and not be distracting. 
  • Jewelry:  No more than one each of the following:  watch, bracelet, ring, necklace, small stud earrings.  Earrings may be worn by girls only-one earring per lobe, no dangling.
  • No hats are permitted to be worn in the school building.


  • Red, white, or navy polo-style shirt
  • 7th and 8th grade students may wear any color polo-style shirt (no logos)



  • Khaki or navy
  • Worn a the natural waist
  • No “sagging”. 
  • Pants/shorts should have belt loops and tailored pockets. 
  • No cargo pants or shorts are permitted. 
  • Shorts or skirts (for girls) are to be no more than 2” above or below the knee.



  • Students should wear sports/tennis or other closed toed, solid back shoes each school day.
  • Shoes should be well maintained and fit your child’s foot for safety and the comfort of your child. Light-up shoes are not permitted. Boots are not permitted.  (Boots may be worn for warmth to/from school only--student must bring appropriate shoes to wear during the school day.)
  • Socks must be worn.
  • Tennis shoes are required on P.E. days.


Chapel attire must be worn on chapel days, but is also acceptable on regular school days.



  • PK-4th Plaid jumpers or skorts (Length should be no shorter than two inches above the knee.)
  • 5th-8th may wear plaid pleated skirts in addition to jumpers or skorts (Same length requirements as above)
  • Shorts should be worn under jumpers or skirts for modesty.  These are not required to be of uniform style, but should not visibly extend past the hemline of the jumper/skirt when sitting or standing.
  • White blouses, tucked in (Peter Pan collar, button down oxford) or middy blouse with sailor collar
  • White, red, navy socks or tights.



  • White button-down shirt, tucked in.  Belts are suggested, but not required.
  • Navy or khaki pants or shorts.  Pants and shorts should have belt loops and tailored pockets.
  • Messiah plaid tie
  • White, red, or navy socks.



  • Students are allowed to wear denim blue jeans, shorts, capris, or skirts, on Fridays. 
  • Denim should be clean, well fitting, free of holes, and must be worn at the natural waist.
  • Skinny leggings and jeggings are not permitted.
  • Uniform polos or Messiah t-shirts may be worn with jeans.


Students who violate the uniform policy must sign the uniform violation book in the school office, and parents will be notified.  The second violation of the uniform dress code will result in that student being denied participation in the next Friday jeans day and/or loss of recess.  After the third violation, parents will be called and expected to bring appropriate wear to school.  Students will remain in office area until correct uniform is brought, and will serve lunch detention for this violation and every violation thereafter.


Shorts are permitted to be worn year-round, but will not be an excuse to stay inside for recess.  Students will be expected to go outside if the rest of the student body is participating in outdoor recess; any time the temperature/ wind chill is above freezing.


MLS Administration reserves the right to make final decisions about appropriate dress and compliance with dress code.


All Messiah plaids (skort, jumper, pleated skirt, and tie) and logo free sweaters/ sweatshirts may be purchased from Land’s End.  You can order online at landsend.com.  The school number is 900185851


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